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How do I choose which shoes are best for me?

When choosing footwear, it is important to select a model and size that is suitable for your specific requirements based on proper risk assessment. Before each use please carefully inspect the state of the footwear and change if any alterations (checking sole, upper, insock and lining).

Our shoes generally run true to size and align with standard industry sizing. If a style runs smaller or larger, we note that on the product page to help you choose the best size.

We offer our shoes in a range of widths from X-Narrow to XX-Wide to help everyone get the perfect fit. If you’re feeling pressure on the sides or tops of your feet, you may need a wide width shoe. Or if there’s extra space on the sides of your feet, you may need a narrow width shoe. Download and print our sizing tools for men or women  to find the right width for your feet.

Download and print our sizing tools for men and women  to easily find your shoe size. These printable measuring charts help you find your size and width and offer tips for finding your best fit.

For best performance and life of footwear, please clean regularly with appropriate agents (that will not have any adverse impacts on footwear). Footwear should be stored in normal conditions and relative humidity to provide to assist in achieving longer lifespan. If the footwear is exposed to moisture, it is important footwear is given time to dry naturally. Any attempt to force or expedite the drying process can cause damage to the upper and other components of the footwear. Actual wear life of the product will vary dependent on the type of footwear and the environment which they are used under.

You can find more detail about the technology we use in each of our shoes here. Technology. If you need more information, please contact us directly or your local distributor.